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PC Desktop Pentium4, 2.8 GHz, 512MB RAM, 80 Gig HD, 64 MB Video Card, DVD-CDRW

PC Laptop Centrino, 1.74 GHz, 512MB RAM, 20 Gig HD, 32 MB Video Card, DVD_CDRW, 802.11G Wireless Adapter
Apple Desktop G4 Power Mac 450 MHz, 128MB Ram, 20 Gig HD, 32 x CD Rom
Apple Laptop Powerbook Titanium G4 500Mhz, 256 MB RAM, 20 Gig HD, DVD

  • All Desktop computer systems include (1) 17″ monitor, keyboard and mouse.
  • Laptop computer include external drive with cable and external mouse.
  • PC Systems are configured with Windows 2000, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, Real Player and Quicktime.
  • Apple systems are configured with MAC OS 10.0, Internet Explorer and Netscape.
  • Additional configuration is available. Please call for more pricing information

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HP 4000 Laser Printer: 17PPM (PC Only, 8 MB memory)

HP 5000 Laser printer: 11×17 compatible, 16PPM (12 MB memory)

Color Laser printer: 16PPM Black, 5PPM Color

Iomega Zip Drive (250 MB)

Wireless Mouse

Computer Speaker

Multiple USB Switcher

* Also Networking printers are available. Please call us for more pricing information.

Office Equipment
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Plain Paper Fax Machine

Table Top Copier

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